Thursday, February 26, 2009


This morning the phone rang with great news.

This one position I had auditioned and re-auditioned for was going to be mine. I wanted this so badly--sooooo badly. I had given my best, I prayed, I waited and finally I had surrendered. I knew it was perfect for me, that I was absolutely suited for IT. Maaan did I want this!

And so I jumped in the fluffy sheets of my bed ecstatically going Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

It reminded me of Marion Cotillard and all those other amazing Oscar speeches, which have made me shiver and cry of joy over the years.

I love success.

Real talk. I love success because there is so much that lies behind a single achievement. So much hard work, so many tears, so many disappointments. Contrary to what the industry portrays with its instant success stories and no-lifers turned reality-tv celebrities, success is a path for the strong, the determined, the fierce, the dreamers and the believers. Success is a true act of faith. Success is a struggle, and what a beautiful and rewarding one!

So let us savour it while we have it, and let us smile in delight at our compeers’ success, so it can in turn inspire ours.

Here are some of my favourite Oscar acceptance speeches ;)




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