Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry as a National Sport

"We are a nation that loves to say sorry. Scratch that: We are a nation that loves to get off watching other people say they are sorry. From Tiger Woods to David Letterman to lusty politicians like Eliot Spitzer, 'apology voyeuring' has become our creepy national pastime" - GQ, Feb 2010

Articles like these is why I prefer GQ over most women's magazines. It really entertains me.

On the issue of apologizing, I can't help but notice how saying sorry has become men's morning pill. You get caught up in emotions and you fuck up...but hey! Those three words (and I don't mean I love you) will always be there to get ya out of trouble.

Now, there's nothing wrong with saying "I'm sorry", but as GQ points out, there's a right and a wrong way to fess up.

In the wrong category? Akon. This, is what I would consider a "lame" apology. Tip: When saying sorry, never let pride get in the way.

So dudes, hit the news stand and flip to page 40 for your very own modern man's guide to apologizing.

And girls, we're also quite good at screwing get your read on. Plus, the mighty hot Johnny Depp, aka. my favorite man in the world, is bracing the cover....

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  1. When Akon made that song/video, I don't think it was meant to be a sincere apology. It was more jab back to the people trying to 'put blame on him'. Take for example, the situation with the 14yr old girl, how can he be responsible for someone underage at a club he was performing at? That's on the security and venue owners to look after, not the entertainer.

    Other people stress that the main issue of this story is how he had treated her on stage. He believed that she was a consenting adult; meaning, she had competed in front of everyone at the show to dance like that with him. Had she been of legal age, there would not have been any issue to report on, let alone an "apology" song written. While I agree that it was sexist and demeaning(by our standards), it would have been her right to behave in that manner. Consider adult video actresses, exotic dancers or hip-hop video dancers (I'm using the term loosely since many don't really "dance" so much as just stand in the back and 'look pretty'), if these women choose to use their looks to earn a living and are happy doing so, honestly, who are we to restrict them? While 'we' may not agree with their choice, it is the heart of REAL gender equality; the freedom to choose what one wants.

    All this said, in the end, it probably went down like this:
    14yr old went to a club > Got on stage (girl was happy) > Pictures leaked to her parents > Father got mad at his daughter > Father (being a pastor) wanted to save his reputation, having his own daughter 'go astray', blew the situation out of proportion. > Daughter under the orders of her father is following suit.

    I <3 reading your posts so keep it up!
    George (@poindexter28)

    P.S. I know this is an old post of yours. I'm only catching up on my rss feeds now! >.< So, "Sorry"(:P) for the spike in blog traffic! 'Tis just me! ;)