Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Day calls for Great Vid

It was 26 degrees today in Montréal and the first glimpse of summer to hit the city was enough to get the entire population out of hibernation and unto the streets, the parks and the many restaurants and patios of town.

If you asked me my current state of mind, I would have to respond in the form of an embedded YouTube code, so here it is. You might have seen this already, but it's a great reflection of my mood...feeling the love :)

I personally spent the day at Parc Jeanne-Mance, right across from the Mount-Royal, and had a most delicious picnic that involved fresh baguette, cheese, paté, cucumbers, melon, pretzels, pink popsicles and white wine. The fact that you can actually drink your wine in city parks of Montréal makes it that much more amazing.

I also crashed my first game of Dungeon Dragon with the most adorable kids. After 4 rounds I was out. Boy can these kids run. Good times!

If you liked the video, please visit for more amazing songs around the world :)

Love, Tamy xox

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