Monday, January 11, 2010

The Healer

Many of you (mostly women) might have read the best selling book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I've seen the book on the shelves for a few years now, knowing all my girlfriends were telling me to read it, but prefering to indulge in other readings...This month, knowing I was travelling to Morocco and Indonesia, I decided it was time for me to head to the bookstore and see what all the fuss was about. For those of you who havent heard about it, it's the story of a woman (Elizabeth, the author) who heads to Italy, India and Indonesia in search of who knows....a bit of happiness and mostly balance after a shitty divorce. The last chapter is dedicated to Bali, more specifically the town of Ubud, from where I am currently typing these words.

Only difference is I don't have a book deal, and I'm slightly tipsy at 9:15pm, live from one of the many cafes that are niched on the now famous Monkey Road.

Other detail of importance. I've been coughing like a bitch for two months. Before leaving to Morocco, my mom forced me to go to the hospital because my cough was seriously not normal. Every 30 seconds, I'm coughing. And so I headed to the only doctor opened on the South Shore of Montreal on Christmas Day. She concluded I had a bacterial infection and prescribed me some serious syrup, antibiotics and nose spray....which I took for 10 days during my travels in North Africa.

Nothing has changed. Still coughing and out of breath. (Meanwhile I quit smoking, it's been something like 15 days). Now I'm in Bali, with my bestfriend Caroline, and my dry ass cough.

Excuse my language, I'm at my second bottle of wine, and although I might re-read this post tomorrow when I'm fully there, in order to correct the many mistakes and cut out all the innapropriate parts that might make my future clients cringe...for now...this is what it is.

SOOOO....this is what I want to get to... In the book, Elizabeth (Liz), magically becomes best friends with two traditional healers, Ketut and Wayan....

And today, I dragged myself, and my cough, to see Wayan, a traditional healer, in the hopes that she may cure whatever is afflicting me. In the pictures you will see below, is my experience with Wayan, as she felt my energy field to measure my rates of vitamins, calcium, my digestive system, and yes, my general health. Lets not forget the palm reading, that was I must say, very accurate, apart from the part where she said:

"You, not smart, but you not stupid"

Oh, thanks Wayan, that makes sense. Not. Then there were parts such as the fact that I was really fragile after my birth (I did have meningitis, and almost died as a baby), and the weird revelation that I had been in two serious relationships in my life (one lasting a year and a half, and the other, two years). To this day, I've had two boyfriends, one of a year and a half, one of two years. She also said I was in my 7th reincarnation, that I would be married twice, and that 8 men would be madly in love with me, six of which I won't give a damn about....

My conclusion is that you have to take some and leave some, but overall it's been a very interesting encounter. Cutlurally speaking, it was an amazing experience....

And so I drank...all the magic potions, and the countless infusions of plants.

(yes...those are leaves in my va-g-g :|)

Yet, I'm still coughing.


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  1. Hahah I love this. I love the photos. Can you write to me and tell me what the palm reading was like? Try doing KUNDALINI YOGA, focus on breath, I promise it will heal you.

    love you lots and miss you, have fun with Caro and the beaches xox